Wasatch Theatrical Ventures
By Donald Margulies

Winner of the Obie 

“…you can tell when a play has gripped the audience, for no one seems to breathe, let alone shift in his seat. This phenomenon can be observed…at SIGHT UNSEEN, a smart and sad comedy by Donald Margulies”
                             	 				         --THE NEW YORK TIMES

“You certainly should catch …the exciting SIGHT UNSEEN”
                                            --NEW YORK MAGAZINE

Jonathan Waxman is the artist as superstar, whose publicist is as necessary as his brush and canvass. Just before his works are celebrated in London, Jonathan journeys to the English village where his former lover, Patricia, lives with her British husband, Nick. Patricia and Nick are archaeologists whose spare existence is spent sifting through a Roman rubbish heap to unearth the past. The fireworks begin when Jonathan arrives at Nick’s and Patricia’s home and discovers an early painting he’d done of Patricia when they were young lovers.  The subsequent struggle for the painting among the three opens all of their wounds and unreconciled  passions.  Patricia has never forgiven Jonathan for leaving her.  Nick despises Jonathan and the kind of art he produces.  And Jonathan has never been able to recapture the passion he felt when   he painted Patricia. In taut scenes that dart from past to present and back,  the characters are forced to deal with unanswerable questions of  unrelieved sexual tension, the role of the artist, anti-Semitism, the legacy of the Holocaust and assimilation, the sadness of lost love, and the location of the human soul  in our times. It is a shattering experience for the characters – and the audience.

“....The Play’s the Thing....”